Just Let Me Teach! Wrist Bands! NEW

Just Let Me Teach Wrist Bands!  The bands come in white and black, have an original design, and can be custom designed if you chose! These not only make a statement but make a nice gift for anyone in  any educational setting! These bands say everything you WANT to say and more. It’s time teachers took back their profession and these bands are a perfect way to start the conversation!   BUY NOW…!!!

If you do not use Pay Pal, email us today! undergroundeducators@gmail.com for details on getting JLMT items in your area!  We offer great discounts on large school orders!

Just Let Me Teach!  “The bands that say it all, so you don’t have to!” 

Teachers across the United States are “BANDING” together with Just Let Me Teach!

We do custom orders! Decals, stickers, bands, etc.  Just Ask us!  We also discount larger orders, orders for fundraisers and sometimes throw in lots of FREE items! Just let us know!

Don’t Paypal?  (Email us at undergroundeducators@gmail.com) for specials, larger orders, and check/cash payments with mail order. OR message us at Just Let Me Teach on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustLetMeTeach

 1 Black (+FREE band)

  BLACK  wrist band ($6.50)  ORDER NOW! (get 1 FREE)

   Just Let Me Teach! Bumper sticker ($5.00)

 Clear- Window Decals- Easy on/off

 Clear WINDOW decal Just Let Me Teach! ($5.00)

Want more than a couple Decals or Bumper Stickers? Email us direct undergroundeducators@gmail.com – We’ll set you up!

BEST DEAL for 25 people in group:  MEGA DEAL!

SPECIAL: 20 + 5 FREE wristbands -$50.00(@$2.50ea)

This is the best choice for local give-a-ways, prizes, leadership events, door prizes, PTO purchases and more -OR – to sell yourself in your local or area! Also great for Sunday school teachers and area church fellowship!    ORDER NOW GET 5 FREE TODAY!


Have a school group that wants larger quantities? NO Paypal? NO problem! Contact us TODAY for large local pricing and GREAT offers on these bands!

Email us:  undergroundeducators@gmail.com and ask about larger order pricing!

***WE also now do “custom” band orders – just ask us about fundraisers, membership events, local orders and more!

*These items are NOT affiliated with any political campaign. All sales final. NoRefunds.

“We LOVE the bands! Instant morale boost in our school!” – Teachers in Indiana at a conference!

“This is an AWESOME idea!  Thank you!” – NY

“Our teachers LOVE the bands!  We’re ordering more next week!” – OH

“YOU are on to something big here!  Teachers need a voice – why not start with a BAND?” – FL

“Our principal bought these for us and morale is turning around!” – NY

“Window decals are perfect!  Put them on my car and classroom window!” – IN

“We gave these out to all of our staff and it was nice to see everyone smiling again!”  – IN

“Awesome idea! Ordered my bands and got them the next day!” – VA

“I love these bands!  Thank you!” – TN

“My local ordered 400 Bands and got them in 2 days! We call that Highly Effective!” – NY

“Bought decals for friends and everyone is talking about them!” – CA

“A powerful and bipartisan message!” – Karen Francisco, FT. Wayne JG, IN

“Put these in the lounge on Monday morning – they were gone by lunch hour!” – FL

“Thanks for restoring some HOPE!” – CA

“You guys ROCK!” – IN, NY, FL

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4 Responses to Just Let Me Teach! Wrist Bands! NEW

  1. Jim says:

    I like the wristbands, but why the bible reference??

  2. Dianne Burpo says:

    I LOVE the bible verse!! It’s what we need to be able to deal with the bureaucracy that prevails and is creeping into our daily classroom life.

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